How to use Digi-stamps in Word (step-by-step)

A simple tutorial how to use digi-stamps in Word.

If you have a program you know well I suggest you use that one. This will be a 
short quick tutorial about open and print digi stamps through Word.

1. Open Word

 2. Insert Picture

3. Choose your image and insert.

4. And your image is almost ready. 

5. If you like you can change the size by changing the numbers, or you
grab a corner marker and resize the picture as you like.
Note: Our boys and girls are best sized around 9-10cm.

6. Click the "rainbow" looking square. Choose the one to bring image 
in front of text. Then you can move your image easier.

7. If you like - insert another image and print at the same time.

8. Do the same with this one - Click the "rainbow and bring in front of text
and she can be moved up beside the first image.

9. Like this! 

10. Fill your paper with images and then PRINT! 

11.  If you would like to merge two images beside each other you first open them both.

12. Resize as you like, and place them where you would like them.
Maybe this will happen... the hen is behind the boy, and you would
like the opposite! What to do?

13. Right Click, scroll down and choose the option Bring to front!

14. Voila! The hen is now in front of the boy!
Print and color.

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